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Kim Ritley
Pre and Postnatal Yoga Instructor / Postnatal Doula / Mama

For the greater part of the last decade, I have been supporting families through the transition of having a new baby as a birth and postpartum doula and pre and postnatal yoga teacher. I am obsessed with all things related to birth and new parenthood, and it is a great honor to be woven into the fabric of so many family stories. 
It is my personal belief that we are currently in a time of a perinatal health crisis. Black and brown womyn and babies are dying at a horrifying rate, data shows percentages of people with perinatal mood disorders are skyrocketing, as are the number of those who would describe their birth or early postpartum experience as traumatic. It would seem that our modern society greatly undervalues the new parent and there are needs that simply aren't being met for so many. That reality deeply saddens me. 
In 2019 I gave birth to my first baby, and my personal experience through parenthood has only strengthened my belief in the power of support. Humxn beings are not meant to do the great work of raising the next generation alone. We need to feel that we belong within a community, that we are held and seen by others. We need connection. All of the work I do is driven by those intentions. To provide support where I can, and to help create deeper connection and sense of community. We are stronger together!


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Suport Services

Personal Childbirth Education - A childbirth class/consultation designed just for you, in the privacy of your home or virtual. You decide the topics and the amount of sessions.

Placenta Encapsulation - The placenta is steamed and dehydrated and made into flavorless pills. Includes pick up from birth place, drop off 48-72 hours later, and dried cord keepsake. 

Postnatal Doula - In-home (or virtual) support that looks like whatever you want it to. Birth story processing, nourishing meal preparation, yoga and meditation, baby wearing and general breastfeeding support are some examples of what I do. Day shifts only.


Yoga and Movement
Class Schedule

*Currently (and due to the pandemic) all classes are virtual on Zoom. Right now weekly classes are all with One Down Dog. Sign up at least thirty minutes before class here

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Pasadena, CA


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